Work process

1. Previous tasks

Previous assignments for the same client are consulted for background information and reference material is collated. We research the context of the text, send relevant queries to the client about key issues and create a list of key terms so that they can approve it in advance.

2. Translation

The file is then translated, i.e. converted from the source language into the target language.

3. Revision

The next step is to revise the translated text, i.e. compare it with the source document to ensure it is correct, complete, and free of inconsistencies or errors.

4. Editing

The text is then checked for style, register, punctuation, spelling, grammar, correct formatting and page numbering, verifying that it reads fluently in Spanish or Galician.

5. Quality Assurance

Where applicable, IT tools are then used to ensure that the translated text is consistent with any glossaries, house style instructions, and reference material provided, that all units of measurement, abbreviations, symbols and numbers are correct, that nothing has been omitted, everything has been translated, and that any repeat sections of text match each other 100%.