Legal texts require translators to not only have an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and particularities of the legal systems of both the country in which the document originated and that in which the translation is to be used, but also an ability to process texts with their legal effect in mind. Given the often highly sensitive nature of such documents, clients also need the reassurance that their texts will be kept totally confidential at all times, that the foreign language translation will be appropriate for use within the legal system of the recipient country, and that its legal effects will be maintained.


As with legal texts, the ability to translate financial documents depends on a thorough knowledge of the jargon and of the special requirements of this particular field of expertise. Having attended a wide range of courses over the past 15 years, I not only have years of experience in translating specialist financial documents, but also a thorough insight into Spanish and international accounting standards (PGC and NIIF respectively), the standards by which the banking sector is regulated (Basilea) and the methodology and terminology used by companies involved in managing portfolios and funds (SICAV, OICVM, etc).


Given the current uncertain economic climate, companies are increasingly turning to overseas markets in an effort to make up for their drop in domestic sales. Whether embarking on a sales drive to increase your existing business or targeting whole new markets, it is important that the translator you work with is willing to use their expertise and experience to help you get your message across in a clear and unambiguous way and that your text "works" from a cultural, social and commercial point of view.

The first step towards successful internationalisation is to have your web page - your letter of introduction to potential clients and business partners - professionally translated, properly localised, and appropriately adapted.

As Groucho Marx so rightly said, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression".
Groucho Marx

Other areas of experience

In addition to legal, financial and internalisation texts, I also have wide experience in telecommunications, IT, new technologies, and software localization. In fact, many of these projects (electronic sales portals, accountancy apps or e-learning courses designed for businesses and bank employees, for example) have involved a broad mix of economic, financial and corporate affairs.

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