My translation process starts with drafting the source into Spanish or Galician followed by a word-by-word check against the source document to ensure the target text is 100% accurate. I then implement my personal quality assurance system, i.e. checks for spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation, consistency of terminology, and formatting as appropriate.


The next step is the revision and editing process which involves having one of my professional colleagues carefully check the translation against the source document to ensure it is accurate before they also carry out the same quality assurance checks* outlined above.


We then edit the translated and revised text, reading through it without referring to the source text, so that to check if it reads as a document originally drafted in Spanish or Galician and introducing style and punctuation corrections as needed as well as adapting any other necessary items (measurements, currencies, etc.).


Once the reviewed translation has been returned, I give the document a layout check to ensure it fulfils the requirements specified and so that the end client will be able to navigate and compare the translation with the source document for themselves. The last step is a final careful read through for accuracy and completeness and to assure myself it reads fluently in the target language.

* QA includes spell checking, grammar checking, terminology consistency verification, layout check and compleate readthrough of the final text to guarantee readability and fluency.