A service tailored to my clients’ needs

Unique service

Every time I work with a new client, the first thing I do is to find out as much as I can about them, about their business, the services or products they offer, their field of expertise and the skills they can provide. This initial research means I am able to operate as an additional member of the team and provide the tools companies need to take their place in Spanish and Galician speaking markets in pursuit of their commercial objectives.

Thanks to my network of professional colleagues, some of whom are based in Latin America, the need for in-house revisions of marketing texts, for example, is reduced and effective results achieved more quickly. But in order for me to understand each client’s individual needs and preferences, it is vital for us to work together in close collaboration during the first few assignments.

Within a framework of bilateral communication, the client will ideally provide me with any information they believe to be crucial to getting their products or services across correctly. That way, if required, and bearing in mind their commercial aspirations, I in turn am better able to share with them my insights into the target market’s linguistic and cultural context, thereby creating a fruitful and enriching relationship on both sides.